Our products:

- Largest selection of moulding samples on the Central Coast

- Extensive collection of French, hand carved, museum quality, water guilded gold, closed corner frames

- Elegant 12-24k gold, closed corner frames (yellow gold, white or lemon) antiqued or bright

- Made in Peru of Argentinian Leather, hand made closed corner frames. Tooled and laced in a wide range of surface textures and stain colors

- Floater frames for oil on canvas, encaustic works on cradles or works on board where only a suggestion of a frame is needed

We also offer:

Eextensive collection of acid free ragmat in a wide range of colors and textures and matting of linen, cotton, silk and suede

Strong emphasis on preserving and protecting valuable pieces of art work, as well as treasured family keepsakes

Offers wide range of glass products for covering of works on paper: invisible museum glass